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Welcome to my lame blog. Haha. Jk. It's quite the amazing blog, if I do say so myself. Trust me on this. ;) I'm a reblog blog so that means I reblog a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of everything, really. I am a HUGE anime nerd so you will occasionally--or more like always--see some sort of anime gifs or pictures. I'm also into other things that aren't anime. I draw occasionally and will likely post it here and on dA. So there's that. I'm into a hella lotta things, tbh. I also tend to reblog some rather nsfw, inapropro things. So be warned about that and don't act surprised when you see something gay on your dash. Because hello, you followed me. Also, I tend to reblog scary/creepy shit sometimes even though I myself can't handle it most of the time. Ha..haha.
That about does it, then. I hope you enjoy your visit/stay!
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